Suran Ki Sabji – Delicious Mouth Watering Yam Curry (Jimikand Ki Sabji)

suran ki sabji

Suran (jimikand in english is Yam) is one of the vegetables growing inside the ground. In India and other countries also, many vegetables growing underground are consumed. Like Arbi ki sabji (colocasia vegetable), Suran ki sabji (Yam vegetable), potato vegetable and many other vegetables. One of them is Suran, whose recipe is a tradition to … Read more

Paneer Pasanda Recipe- How 2 Make,Origin And Ingredients

Paneer Pasanda recipe

Paneer Pasanda Recipe is a delicious North Indian vegetarian dish loved for its rich and creamy taste. This dish consists of thick pieces of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) filled with a delicious mixture of lots of nuts, spices and sometimes vegetables. These stuffed paneer slices are then slow cooked in a delicious tomato-onion gravy, enriched … Read more