Giloy Juice- know Giloy Juice Benefits Side Effects And Right Way To Drink It

Giloy Juice

A few years ago very few people knew about Giloy but now Giloy juice is a nutritious and healthy drink which has gained popularity in recent times. Today the benefits of drinking Giloy juice have become so much that everyone is including it in their daily routine.

To make Giloy juice, the stems of the Giloy plant are boiled in water and juice is extracted from it. The taste of Giloy juice is bitter, which may not be liked by everyone, but the thing to note is that the benefits of Giloy juice are more than its taste. Giloy juice is a natural and organic alternative to synthetic supplements, which are often associated with harmful side effects.

giloy juice

That’s why you should never drink it on your own without the advice of a doctor. One of the most important benefits of Giloy juice is that Giloy juice is a great immunity booster for you. Drinking Giloy juice increases your ability to fight disease and you do not get sick too quickly.

Giloy juice contains natural compounds that increase the production of white blood cells in the body, which are responsible for fighting infections and diseases. Giloy juice is a storehouse of many other such qualities. So in today’s blog, we will learn about the giloy juice benefits and Giloy juice side effects.

Also learn how to make giloy juice at home and how to drink giloy juice. Giloy has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. But if you do not know about Giloy, then let us know what is Giloy?

What is Giloy and Giloy scientific name and family?

India has been a treasure trove of medicines since centuries, where you will find a variety of medicinal plants. One such medicinal plant is Giloy. According to Indian folk tales, people used to call the Giloy plant Amrita. If you want to know more information, then you will definitely find the mention of Giloy in Ayurvedic medicine system of India.

Due to so many beneficial properties of Giloy in Ayurvedic medicine, it has been recognized as a medicinal herb. The scientific (botanical) name of Giloy is Tinospora cordifolia and it belongs to the Menispermaceae family. It is a climbing shrub with greenish-yellow heart-shaped leaves.

The Giloy species are native to India and parts of China and grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Giloy has been given different names like Amrutvali, Vatsdani, Amara and Chinnodbha etc. Giloy juice is prepared by mixing the branches or stems of the plant with a little water. It is green in appearance.

It is a totally herbal drink in every way. You can have it as an immunity booster drink in the form of fresh juice or decoction.

Giloy juice benefits

Reduces Stress – Problems like stress are common in today’s date. By taking more stress, your immunity power means that your ability to fight against diseases becomes weak. In such a situation, consuming Giloy juice can prove to be very beneficial for you. Because the antioxidants present in Giloy juice help in reducing oxidative stress. It helps calm the mind and relaxes you.

Boosts Immunity – Giloy juice is rich in antioxidants which boosts your immunity. Due to good immunity, you do not get sick easily and your ability to fight against diseases also increases. If your immunity is very weak, then you must consume Giloy juice. Giloy juice helps in increasing your white blood cells.

Improves digestion – Giloy juice is very helpful in improving your digestion. It reduces digestive problems like constipation, indigestion and flatulence. But if you are taking any stomach related medicine, then you should not consume it without consulting the doctor.

Very good for the skin – If you are troubled by pimples, then consuming Giloy juice can prove to be very beneficial for you. Giloy juice is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve skin health. It helps in reducing acne, wrinkles and fine lines and helps the skin to look younger.

Reduces fever – Consuming Giloy can give you relief even in fever. Giloy juice is a natural remedy for fever. It helps in reducing fever and boosting immunity.

Beneficial for joint pain – Consuming Giloy juice can provide relief from arthritis pain. Taking the powder of Giloy stem with warm water and ginger provides relief in joint pain. The properties present in Giloy are also helpful in reducing inflammation. Do not consume at all without consulting a doctor.

Controls Blood Sugar – Some studies have mentioned that Giloy can help in increasing the production of insulin hormone in the body. Giloy extract can regulate the enzymes responsible for glucose production. It is appropriate to consume it only after consulting and consulting how and when it should be consumed.

Giloy juice side effects

  • Giloy juice can reduce the level of sugar level, which can be dangerous for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia. Sugar patients should always take Giloy juice only after consulting a doctor.
  • Giloy juice can interact with certain medications, including blood thinners, diabetes medications, and immunosuppressants. If you are taking any medications, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming Giloy juice.
  • Some people may be allergic to Giloy and may experience allergic reactions like itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing. If you experience any kind of allergic reaction after consuming Giloy juice, stop consuming it immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Some people may experience digestive side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after consuming giloy juice. To avoid these side effects it is important to start with a small dose and increase the dose gradually.
  • There is limited research on the safety of Giloy juice during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming Giloy juice.
  • Overall, Giloy juice can be beneficial for many people, but it is important to be aware of the opposite side effects and consult a healthcare professional before consuming it, especially if you have a medical condition or Taking any kind of medicine.
How should giloy be taken?
  • First of all, take the stem of 1 Giloy. Keep in mind that you do not have to take dry stem.
  • Now cut the stalk into small pieces and peel it with the help of a knife.
  • After peeling, you will see a completely green stem.
  • Cut the stalk of Giloy into two parts and put it in the jar of the mixer.
  • Add 1 glass of water along with it.
  • Run the mixer and make juice.
  • Now filter it with the help of a sieve.
  • You can drink 1 glass of juice by mixing it half and half with water twice a week in the morning and evening.
  • Because Giloy’s juice is bitter, you can drink it with 1 teaspoon of honey if you want.


Giloy Juice Patanjali

If your age is 20+ then take 25 ml of Patanjali Giloy juice in 1 glass and mix some water with it. Try to consume it on an empty stomach. Or you can have it even after breakfast. But it is more beneficial on an empty stomach.

How did you like the blog article of Giloy Juice, do tell us by writing in the comment. The benefits of drinking Giloy are many, but at the same time it also has its disadvantages. That’s why I always consult someone before consuming it. If you have any suggestions, please include them as well.


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